Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

Checkmate Posters is designed to collect as little personal information as is necessary to handle your orders. When placing an order, Checkmate Posters stores the shipping information, email address, and poster design information that you provide. This information is stored only for as long as is necessary to ensure that your order is successfully printed and delivered. Your email address is used only for delivering receipts. Checkmate Posters is engineered to store your shipping information as securely as possible, although perfect security can never be guaranteed.

To create your poster and complete your order, your shipping information and poster configuration will be shared with printing and shipping services.

Checkmate Posters does not collect or process your payment information directly. Instead, Checkmate Posters uses Stripe, a trusted payment platform. You can read about Stripe's security measures and privacy policy online. Stripe may use cookies to store information locally as part of the payment process. Checkmate Posters does not store any other cookies.

Checkmate Posters uses to process basic site usage data (number of daily visitors, time spent on the site, etc). not collect personal information or track users.

More Information

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